Stakeholders involvement

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Given the important role that the chemical, plastics and life sciences industry plays in society, essenscia attaches great importance to a constructive dialogue with stakeholders such as NGOs and public authorities. Consultation with all interested parties is therefore an essential aspect of our work. In its daily activities, essenscia is in regular contact with its stakeholders, for example through the many essenscia events in which stakeholders are actively involved. The federation’s participation in regional, national and European advisory and consultative bodies is a further indication of the importance it attaches to dialogue.

From the very first edition of the sustainability report in 2009, stakeholders have been actively involved in its creation. In the preparatory phase, essenscia organises meetings to gather their advice and input, and asks for their feedback after publication as well. essenscia is grateful for their valuable input, which is taken into account as much as possible.

Listening to stakeholders’ advice
2009 Materiality analysis to select the indicators
2011 Adding stakeholders quotes
2013 Developing visions
2015 Adding indicators on resource efficiency and innovation
2017 Updating materiality analysis leading to additional indicators
2019 Adding narratives on highly material topics including climate change
Better explanation of the scope of the report, its methodology and its relation to the SDGs
Ensuring a balanced tone in the entire report

For this edition, we reached out to almost 60 people from 39 organisations (see figure below). They were all invited for every stakeholder meeting. Three stakeholder’s dialogues were organised (18/12/2018, 22/3/2019, 26/6/2019). Stakeholders gave their views on the global scoping of the 2019 report, on the choice and content of the four narratives and on the materiality matrix. As much as possible, received feedback was taken into account in the further development of the report.

Overview of invited external stakeholders. Stakeholders marked with a ‘*’ participated in at least one of the stakeholders dialogues or gave written feedback on documents.

Stakeholders were selected based on inputs from the different essenscia experts. For this edition, some external experts were specifically added as a result of the evolution in the materiality of some topics. Since plastics and climate change attract special attention in the public debate, new stakeholders related to these topics were also added.

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