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Located in Zwijndrecht, ARKEMA ANTWERP has 45 employees. It is part of Arkema, a global player in speciality chemicals active in more than 55 countries with a total of 20,000 employees, 9 research centres and 136 production sites. By participating in the Audit Covenant (2006), Arkema Antwerp was able to reduce specific energy consumption by 45% through an ARKEMA ENERGY PLAN prepared by an energy manager.

Arkema has reviewed all the utilities – steam, electricity, nitrogen gas (N2), compressed air, process water, drinking water, demineralised water and fuel – from the ‘energy’ point of view. A no-load audit, full-load audit, inventory, quick-wins and opportunity plan was drawn up for each utility as a basis for implementing further actions.

Since Arkema already controlled various management systems (ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 / ISO22000), the step to ISO50001 was a short one. When ISO50001 certification became possible (2012), Arkema Antwerp was the first chemical site in Europe with this label.

The Energy Policy Agreement (the successor to the Audit Covenant) also followed a plan. They have successfully started the implementation of the Energy plan with the implementation of the quick-wins and energy control.  The steam plan has been an important step in this regard: pressure reductions, taking steam tracing out of service, process optimisations, tracing losses, etc. were all means of reducing energy consumption. Other plans, such as the nitrogen plan, aim to limit N2 consumption and an electricity plan is also being studied to eliminate ‘useless’ consumers and to look for saving measures.

Together, all these actions led to a 45% drop  in the specific total energy consumption compared to the reference year 2006.

The aim is also to draw up a water plan in the future, to also reduce the consumption of demineralised water, process water, drinking water and waste water.