INEOS Styrolution and Indaver working together to make polystyrene circular

Current mechanical recycling of plastics cannot deal with all plastic waste and thus additional technologies are needed to make plastic circular. One of the most promising ones is chemical recycling, also called feedstock recycling because plastic waste is ‘deconstructed’ into building blocks, monomers or other chemicals, that can ‘feed’ back to the beginning of the chemical value chains thus serving as alternatives to currently used feedstock. A specific […]

Breakthrough research and innovation for a carbon-smart industry: the Moonshot programme

On 23rd March 2019 the ambitious Moonshot Programme was launched by the Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation, Philippe Muyters. Each year for 20 years, Flanders will be investing 20 million euros in innovation and basic research projects that demonstrate a tangible contribution to reduced carbon emissions, and the improved capture, storage and utilisation of […]