Prevention Adviser of the Year 2019 works at chemical company Inovyn

Dirk Gyzels, Head of the Prevention Department at Inovyn Manufacturing Belgium in the port of Antwerp has won the ‘Prevention Adviser of the Year’ award 2019, primarily for his strong prevention policy focusing not only on his own employees but also staff of contractors, installers and technicians from maintenance and services companies. Chemical company Inovyn […]

Solvay’s Safety culture: beyond rules – an innovative approach to safety

Progress in accident prevention often reaches a glass ceiling, making the objective of zero accident difficult to achieve. Solvay Brussels, together with 4 sites of Solvay research and Innovation in Europe (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux) have implemented an innovative approach to safety reconsidering classical safety concepts in the industry: the “safety culture” approach. This approach moves […] and the Belgian Biosafety Professionals join forces for safe working conditions

The aim of, the Belgian federation of life sciences companies, and the Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP), the professional association of biosafety experts, is to safeguard working conditions for everyone working in biotechnology in Belgium. In 2017, the two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding to reinforce their co-operation on various aspects of safety in […]