Driving sustainability across the cleaning and hygiene industry

Since 2005, the detergent industry has been developing an extensive sustainability programme for companies and cleaning products: the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning. This charter contains obligations and objectives that must be achieved by signatory companies in terms of sustainable development. It also includes company standards (relating to production, logistics, energy, etc.) and product standards (related […]

The roots of the crop nutrition system

Food production also needs ‘nutrition’, i.e. plant nutrition. Just as in humans, plant nutrition requires a healthy balance. Shortages lead to starvation and symptoms of deficiencies, excess leads to loss of quality in the agricultural product and the environment. Sustainable fertilisation starts from the needs of the soil and the crop and is based on […]

0800 62 604: promoting the correct use of plant protection products in the garden

Phytofar members have invested about 10 million euro to provide a dedicated range of solutions for garden pests that are adapted to the needs of small gardens and non-professional users. They continue to invest in innovations that meet societal demands yet offering adequate and profoundly tested solutions to gardeners. Close to 50% of the products […]

Solvay’s world Product Stewardship Management System

Since 2014, Solvay has conceived – and now fully deployed – its innovative Product Stewardship Management System (PSMS). It is currently the most extensive product stewardship-specific referential, with clear, structured, tiered requirements , and with a worldwide coverage for all GBUs (Global Business Units). Solvay started its development, because no worldwide referential or norm existed […]

Chemical companies and the national Poison Centre working together

Despite the warnings on labels, incidents involving chemical products still occur both at home and in the workplace. The Belgian Poison Centre is available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the free number 070 245 245, to advise what to do in case of acute poisoning. Around half of the […]

Informing consumers and professional users better

DETIC has initiated a number of information campaigns aimed at better informing consumers as well as professional users: www.soleilmalin.be / www.veiligindezon.be is a partnership between DETIC, FPS Health and the old CRIOC supplying consumers with the information they need to protect themselves properly from the sun. www.coiffeurfute.be / www.knappekapper.be is a partnership between DETIC, FPS Health and […]

DetNet: a network of experts for the CLP classification of detergents

DetNet, the Detergent Industry Network for CLP Classification, is a collective industry approach developed and piloted by A.I.S.E. and its network of National Associations such as DETIC, in dialogue with stakeholders, to classify and label detergent and cleaning products for skin and eye effects. The overall aim of DetNet is to give manufacturers and suppliers […]

A substitute for traditional de-icing products developed by Proviron

Proviron, a Belgian SME, produces de-icing agents to clear runways and aircraft of ice and to keep them clear. As a result of developments in REACH legislation and customer demand, Proviron developed a new de-icing product for aircraft with a shift to additives with less impact on man and the environment. Proviron has innovated to […]

CTF2000 develops new flame retardant technology

 CTF2000 NV, a Flemish small and medium size company employing 45 people, has been a European pioneer in new flame retardant technology. Not only the safe handling of persistent substances – resulting in receiving a Special Commendation in 2015 from the Cefic Responsible Care Awards in the category of Product Stewardship for its contribution […]