Indavers heat network ECLUSE avoids 100.000 ton of CO2 emissions a year

INDAVER and SLECO operate an industrial heat network in the Port of Antwerp area converting energy from the incineration of waste into steam delivered to already 5 neighbouring chemical companies through a 5 km network of pipelines. This investment allows for the connected companies to move from fossil natural gas for generation of steam to […]

Arkema Antwerp: specific energy consumption drops almost by half

Located in Zwijndrecht, ARKEMA ANTWERP has 45 employees. It is part of Arkema, a global player in speciality chemicals active in more than 55 countries with a total of 20,000 employees, 9 research centres and 136 production sites. By participating in the Audit Covenant (2006), Arkema Antwerp was able to reduce specific energy consumption by […]

Janssen Pharmaceutica invests in geothermal energy at Beerse site

The Beerse site is the largest energy user of all Janssen Pharmaceutica sites worldwide, its electricity consumption equals that of 38,000 homes. Janssen Pharmaceutica is therefore making significant investments to ensure that soon, the campus buildings will be heated and cooled using deep geothermal energy as a green and renewable energy source. This will reduce […]

Dow Seneffe generates its own electricity needs

The Dow site in Seneffe is able to meet its electricity needs with energy it generates itself. The site has had a cogeneration plant since 2009 which allows the costs and emissions of CO2 to be reduced by 700 tonnes per annum and generates 50% of the site’s annual heating requirement and 15% of its […]