essenscia coordinates the voluntary energy efficiency agreements

The voluntary energy efficiency agreements signed by companies in Flanders and Wallonia envisage a continuous process of energy efficiency improvements. Following the success of the first generation of voluntary agreements (2003-2014) in improving energy efficiency while taking account of the industrial and economic reality, Belgium’s regional governments decided to continue with a second generation of […]

Energy efficiency at SANOFI in Geel

Sanofi is exploring how to use less energy at its site in Geel. Investments are made when opportunities are identified. For example, 7 refrigeration units with a refrigeration power of 7100 kW were recently replaced by 4 new refrigeration units, each with a refrigeration capacity of ± 1100 kW. An analysis showed that the refrigeration […]

Air Liquide is building a new-generation hydrogen production unit

Air Liquide is investing in the construction of a new-generation hydrogen production unit at the Covestro production site in the port of Antwerp. This new-generation hydrogen production unit will improve the energy efficiency and global environmental footprint of the production process. Founded in Belgium in 1906 and in the Netherlands in 1913, Air Liquide currently […]