Chemical industry aims to double rail transport by 2030

The Belgian chemical industry aims to double the transport of chemical products by rail in the next ten years. Today, the chemical industry already represents 15 to 20% of rail freight transport, making it one of the most intensive rail users in Belgium. However, the share of rail transport in the total transport volumes of […]

90% of liquid bulk is transported by water

Within the chemical industry, the storage of liquid raw materials and products is often outsourced to companies specialising in the storage and transport of liquid bulk. These service providers are grouped into a business association called BATO, the Belgian Association of Tank Storage Businesses, part of essenscia. Their strategic location within the port area means […]

Greening Logistics at ADPO

ADPO, Antwerp Distribution and Products Operations, is a 300 people company with multiple sites in the Port of Antwerp specialised in storage and distribution of highly specialised chemicals, mainly liquid bulk. In their continuous search for improvements, providing their services to their clients, whilst remaining in compliance with the highest environmental, safety and health regulations, […]

Digitalising cleaning documents wins European Responsible Care Award

For chemical companies, tank cleaning is a cornerstone of the logistics process for which safety, quality, operational efficiency and compliance need to be safeguarded. An important milestone was the introduction of the European Cleaning Document (ECD) back in 2005 to satisfy the needs of cleaning stations, transport companies, chemical-, feed- and food-manufacturing companies and their […]