Open innovation to accelerate recycling of mixed plastic waste: MATTER project

Four companies and 6 research groups from two universities collaborate to ramp up polymer recycling in the Catalisti MATTER project. Started in May 2018 the two year project brings together academic researchers and technological business experts to analyse socio-economic aspects related to plastic recycling options. The focus is on mixed, post-consumer plastic waste streams (the […]

Kaneka Eurogentec: healing through DNA

A progressive method has made Kaneka Eurogentec, a spin-off of the University of Liège, the world leader in the large-scale production of DNA plasmids. The term “DNA plasmid” refers to a circular fragment of DNA that carries a gene that, once introduced into the patient, generates a protein – with no secondary effect – that […]

Janssen Pharmaceutica: Spray drying, a first for better drugs

Thanks to a combination of innovative technologies, Janssen Pharmaceutica’s Geel site has managed to increase the effectiveness of highly complex drugs by facilitating their absorption by the human body. New drugs have to treat diseases of increasing complexity. As a result, the active molecules – the active ingredients of these drugs – are increasingly elaborate. […]

Eastman Chemical Company: one molecule makes protecting crops safer and more effective

A team of researchers at Eastman Chemical Company has been working for three years on developing a synthetic molecule within a new production site in the port of Ghent. This molecule allows crops to be sprayed more safely and effectively. Phytosanitary products intended for agriculture are strictly regulated, hence the importance of optimum and safe […]

Texere Biotech: the world’s most advanced bone graft production line

 Texere Biotech has developed a fully robotic bone graft production line. The primary material is a femoral head taken during a hip replacement operation, which is cut out and processed by robots to make a cube of bone. This standardised product is then used by surgeons for grafting. With 6 robots, Texere Biotech is […]

INEOS Styrolution Antwerp invests in research & development

INEOS Styrolution Antwerp, manufacturer of semi-finished styrene plastic products, invested nearly 1 million euros, equivalent to 0.6% of the Antwerp branch’s turnover, in research and development in 2018. 42% of this amount was staff costs. INEOS Styrolution uses a triple shift strategy to become a more resilient, less cyclical, more diversified and more profitable business. […]