Prosperity →  More than €5 billion of taxes go into the state budget The chemicals and life sciences sector makes a significant contribution to the federal, regional and local public finances through the taxes it pays. To give a balanced picture of the sector’s contribution, benefits from subsidies and tax incentives are also taken into […]

Number of researchers

Prosperity →  A quarter of Belgium’s private sector researcher population Source : Commission for federal cooperation, Working group CFS/STAT; calculations Federal Science Policy Office The share of researchers in the sector indicates the innovativeness of the sector and ensures the anchoring of the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in the Belgian economy. The sector […]


Prosperity →  Securing the future through innovation The sector is a leader in research and development. One way to measure innovation output is the number of patents applied for and granted, as these are an essential means of protecting inventions that pave the way for new products and processes. In 2018, 2,360 Belgian patent applications […]

R&D expenses

Prosperity →  Largest private investor in R&D ​ R&D spending is a key indicator of how innovative an industry is, driving the technological advances that are vital for a sustainable future. R&D spending in the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry totalled nearly €4.3 billion in 2017, an increase of 64% over a decade. The […]


Prosperity →  A key investor in Belgium Continuing to invest in existing facilities and attract new investments is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry in Belgium. The sector invested an average of €1.9 billion a year from 2008 to 2018, both in green field projects and in […]


Prosperity →  A sustainable financial performance A healthy financial situation is crucial for a sustainable industry. Profitability can be assessed by net income returned as a percentage of shareholders’ equity; i.e. the return to shareholders after the deduction of all costs and taxes. This ratio measures how well a company uses the capital invested by […]

Trade balance

Prosperity →  Number one exporter for more than 10 years The Belgian chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry’s trade balance underlines the importance of its international operations. In 2018, Belgium’s chemicals, plastics and life sciences sector exported 130 billion euro of products – one-third of total Belgian exports. Representing over three quarter of its production […]

Financial implications of climate change

Prosperity →  Climate change: risk or opportunity? The transition towards a carbon smart economy, using carbon resources in a smart and climate neutral manner whilst preserving and re-enforcing economic and industrial activity in Europe and our climate, is a huge challenge for society, and by extension for our energy and water intensive sector. Our sector […]

Added value

Prosperity →  A stronghold of the Belgian economy The added value created by the chemicals, plastics and life sciences industry provides a clear indication of how much the sector contributes to the overall creation of wealth. The industry’s contribution to economic prosperity has been increasing over the last decade and in 2017, it generated €19.2 […]