REIN4CED produces ultra-light and unbreakable bicycle frames

In 2019, the Leuven-based start-up REIN4CED opened a production facility for the automated manufacture of bicycle frames. REIN4CED uses a revolutionary material that is unbreakable, unlike current bicycle frames made of carbon. The company is supported by the essenscia Innovation Fund. REIN4CED, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of KU Leuven, has developed a revolutionary […]

BlueChem, the first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Belgium

Helping promising start-ups and rapidly growing companies to develop sustainable innovations for the chemistry of the future, on an industrial scale. This is the objective of BlueChem, the first incubator in Belgium dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable chemistry and the circular economy, such as the effective use of waste and by-products, process optimisation […]

Deceuninck leads the way in mechanical recycling of PVC window profiles

Deceuninck Group opened a new recycling plant in Diksmuide in February 2019, increasing its PVC recycling capacity to 45,000 tonnes per annum. The material to be recycled comes from collecting post-industrial waste (their own production waste and offcuts from their customers) and first-generation PVC windows which are now 30 to 40 years old and will […]

Indavers heat network ECLUSE avoids 100.000 ton of CO2 emissions a year

INDAVER and SLECO operate an industrial heat network in the Port of Antwerp area converting energy from the incineration of waste into steam delivered to already 5 neighbouring chemical companies through a 5 km network of pipelines. This investment allows for the connected companies to move from fossil natural gas for generation of steam to […]

Kaneka Eurogentec: healing through DNA

A progressive method has made Kaneka Eurogentec, a spin-off of the University of Liège, the world leader in the large-scale production of DNA plasmids. The term “DNA plasmid” refers to a circular fragment of DNA that carries a gene that, once introduced into the patient, generates a protein – with no secondary effect – that […]

Kaneka: a revolutionary packaging to counter the “plastic soup”

After more than two years of research, the Japanese chemical group Kaneka’s Belgian site has developed a completely new organic packaging material which can not only be recycled by composting but, of course, is also biodegradable. This innovation is the fruit of a marriage between their two main areas of expertise: fermentation and macromolecular technology. […]

Janssen Pharmaceutica: Spray drying, a first for better drugs

Thanks to a combination of innovative technologies, Janssen Pharmaceutica’s Geel site has managed to increase the effectiveness of highly complex drugs by facilitating their absorption by the human body. New drugs have to treat diseases of increasing complexity. As a result, the active molecules – the active ingredients of these drugs – are increasingly elaborate. […]

Eastman Chemical Company: one molecule makes protecting crops safer and more effective

A team of researchers at Eastman Chemical Company has been working for three years on developing a synthetic molecule within a new production site in the port of Ghent. This molecule allows crops to be sprayed more safely and effectively. Phytosanitary products intended for agriculture are strictly regulated, hence the importance of optimum and safe […]

UCB is aiming at carbon neutral operations by 2030   UCB’s management has set the ambitious goal to develop and produce medicines for people with severe diseases in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Inspired by the Paris agreement, UCB decided to accelerate the implementation of its Environmental Strategy (also called Green Strategy) by setting three ambitious targets to reach by 2030. One […]