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The Aniline nitrobenzene installation is one of the many installations on the BASF site in Antwerp. This installation makes chemical products that you can find amongst others in the automotive, construction or textile industry.

In 2016, BASF Antwerp started the construction of two new installations to be able to further valorise waste streams released by the aniline-nitrobenzene plant on the site. A product recovery unit, and an energy recovery unit were built and commissioned at the end of 2018.

The new product recovery unit ensures that 40% extra aniline can be extracted from the (waste) oil. That is 2.000 tonnes of extra aniline production per year with the same amount of raw materials and energy.

With the energy recovery unit, the residues are converted in 40.000 tonnes of steam at 16 bar by incineration in an environmentally friendly way, i.e. without NOx emissions. This steam can be immediate and usefully used on site.

Also, this investment greatly reduces the amount of industrial waste generated by the aniline nitrobenzene installation, and avoids 200 trucks per year that were previously needed to transport the aniline waste oil to an external waste processor.

BASF Antwerp through this investment thus contributes to more sustainability.