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Proviron, a Belgian SME, produces de-icing agents to clear runways and aircraft of ice and to keep them clear.

As a result of developments in REACH legislation and customer demand, Proviron developed a new de-icing product for aircraft with a shift to additives with less impact on man and the environment. Proviron has innovated to produce de-icing agents that do not compromise on quality, are non-corrosive and non-toxic for man and the environment.

Knowledge about the effects of chemicals has increased massively as a result of REACH and Proviron is making excellent use of this in its permanent search for alternatives to substances with harmful effects. That process of substitution is not always simple, but it was successful for this de-icing product.

Moreover, last winter Proviron only made aircraft de-icing agents using the organic compound monopropylene glycol as the raw material.