Chemical industry aims to double rail transport by 2030

The Belgian chemical industry aims to double the transport of chemical products by rail in the next ten years. Today, the chemical industry already represents 15 to 20% of rail freight transport, making it one of the most intensive rail users in Belgium. However, the share of rail transport in the total transport volumes of […]

Indavers heat network ECLUSE avoids 100.000 ton of CO2 emissions a year

INDAVER and SLECO operate an industrial heat network in the Port of Antwerp area converting energy from the incineration of waste into steam delivered to already 5 neighbouring chemical companies through a 5 km network of pipelines. This investment allows for the connected companies to move from fossil natural gas for generation of steam to […]

Arkema Antwerp: specific energy consumption drops almost by half

Located in Zwijndrecht, ARKEMA ANTWERP has 45 employees. It is part of Arkema, a global player in speciality chemicals active in more than 55 countries with a total of 20,000 employees, 9 research centres and 136 production sites. By participating in the Audit Covenant (2006), Arkema Antwerp was able to reduce specific energy consumption by […]

UCB is aiming at carbon neutral operations by 2030   UCB’s management has set the ambitious goal to develop and produce medicines for people with severe diseases in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Inspired by the Paris agreement, UCB decided to accelerate the implementation of its Environmental Strategy (also called Green Strategy) by setting three ambitious targets to reach by 2030. One […]

90% of liquid bulk is transported by water

Within the chemical industry, the storage of liquid raw materials and products is often outsourced to companies specialising in the storage and transport of liquid bulk. These service providers are grouped into a business association called BATO, the Belgian Association of Tank Storage Businesses, part of essenscia. Their strategic location within the port area means […]

Greening Logistics at ADPO

ADPO, Antwerp Distribution and Products Operations, is a 300 people company with multiple sites in the Port of Antwerp specialised in storage and distribution of highly specialised chemicals, mainly liquid bulk. In their continuous search for improvements, providing their services to their clients, whilst remaining in compliance with the highest environmental, safety and health regulations, […]

Yara continues its efforts to reduce its N20 emissions

Nitrous oxide – N2O – is a powerful greenhouse gas. Its potential for global warming is nearly 300 times greater than that of CO2. Tertre-based Yara manufactures ammonia from nitric acid and fertilisers. N2O emissions are inevitable in the process of producing nitric acid: without treatment, the production of one tonne of nitric acid generates […]

Breakthrough research and innovation for a carbon-smart industry: the Moonshot programme

On 23rd March 2019 the ambitious Moonshot Programme was launched by the Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation, Philippe Muyters. Each year for 20 years, Flanders will be investing 20 million euros in innovation and basic research projects that demonstrate a tangible contribution to reduced carbon emissions, and the improved capture, storage and utilisation of […]

essenscia coordinates the voluntary energy efficiency agreements

The voluntary energy efficiency agreements signed by companies in Flanders and Wallonia envisage a continuous process of energy efficiency improvements. Following the success of the first generation of voluntary agreements (2003-2014) in improving energy efficiency while taking account of the industrial and economic reality, Belgium’s regional governments decided to continue with a second generation of […]