Biodiversity at TADEKA Lessines

Following expert advice issued by the University of Mons, TADEKA is changing its approach to an embankment in order to sustain the presence of colonies of solitary bees, a rare species due to the scarcity of their habitats and reproductive areas. In May last year, colonies of 3 species of spring-flying, mining solitary bees (grey-backed mining […]

DETIC engaged in sustainable sourcing of biomass

DETIC has signed the Charter of the Belgian Alliance for sustainable palm oil to promote the use by its members of derivatives of palm oil which have been cultivated in sustainable way, with respect for biodiversity and avoiding deforestation. / DETIC and AISE have also developed guidelines on the sourcing of renewable and […]

Sanofi’s contribution to biodiversity at its site in Geel

There has been a great focus on restoring and creating green spaces at Sanofi’s Geel campus in recent years. The site has evolved from the standard approach to gardening, concentrating on grass with the occasional tree, and including the use of herbicides, to ecological landscape architecture that embraces the concept of biodiversity. Herbicides are no […]

Belgian mineral fertiliser industry reduces NOx emissions by 60%

The fertiliser industry has invested very successfully in emissions reduction over the last twenty years. Emissions into the air have been reduced by at least 90% for laughing gas (N2O) and 60% for nitrogen oxides (NOx). Specific nitrogen losses into the surface water have been reduced by 80%! The mineral fertiliser industry is directly involved […]

0800 62 604: promoting the correct use of plant protection products in the garden

Phytofar members have invested about 10 million euro to provide a dedicated range of solutions for garden pests that are adapted to the needs of small gardens and non-professional users. They continue to invest in innovations that meet societal demands yet offering adequate and profoundly tested solutions to gardeners. Close to 50% of the products […]

essenscia and PlasticsEurope clean up the Galgeschoor nature reserve

Every year, employees of essenscie and the European umbrella organisation PlasticsEurope, along with other volunteers, roll up their sleeves to clean up litter in the Galgeschoor nature reserve in the port of Antwerp. This annual initiative by the Antwerp Port Authority and Natuurpunt is part of the Clean Schelde project. The eighth clean-up campaign in […]

AbbVie and “Wavre in transition” join forces for a more sustainable town

AbbVie, the biopharmaceutical company based in Wavre, has joined forces with “Wavre in transition”, a citizens’ movement committed to making the local environment more sustainable at every level. On 13 June 2019, 41 employees of AbbVie took part in a #trashchallenge in the streets of Wavre. Divided into small groups of walkers and runners, the […]