The roots of the crop nutrition system

Food production also needs ‘nutrition’, i.e. plant nutrition. Just as in humans, plant nutrition requires a healthy balance. Shortages lead to starvation and symptoms of deficiencies, excess leads to loss of quality in the agricultural product and the environment. Sustainable fertilisation starts from the needs of the soil and the crop and is based on […]

Eastman Chemical Company: one molecule makes protecting crops safer and more effective

A team of researchers at Eastman Chemical Company has been working for three years on developing a synthetic molecule within a new production site in the port of Ghent. This molecule allows crops to be sprayed more safely and effectively. Phytosanitary products intended for agriculture are strictly regulated, hence the importance of optimum and safe […]

Belgian mineral fertiliser industry reduces NOx emissions by 60%

The fertiliser industry has invested very successfully in emissions reduction over the last twenty years. Emissions into the air have been reduced by at least 90% for laughing gas (N2O) and 60% for nitrogen oxides (NOx). Specific nitrogen losses into the surface water have been reduced by 80%! The mineral fertiliser industry is directly involved […]

Guaranteeing food supply

With the support of the essenscia’s Innovation Fund, the start-up Fyteko is developing revolutionary new biobased active ingredients to guarantee good harvest yields, even in extremely dry conditions. Through the use of Green Chemistry, Fyteko has developed a Signal Molecule which improves plants’ tolerance to water scarcity in a natural way. In regions with limited […]