essenscia Patent Cell: free expertise for the protection of innovations

Created in 2011 with the support of the Federal Public Service Economy, essenscia’s Patent Cell is a permanent point of contact for companies in the chemical, plastics and life sciences sectors – particularly SMEs – for all their intellectual property-related questions. With interactive workshops, tailor-made services and the identification of the latest technologies and scientific […]

Chemical industry aims to double rail transport by 2030

The Belgian chemical industry aims to double the transport of chemical products by rail in the next ten years. Today, the chemical industry already represents 15 to 20% of rail freight transport, making it one of the most intensive rail users in Belgium. However, the share of rail transport in the total transport volumes of […]

From mattress to insulating material: putting the circular economy into practice

Give a new lease of life to the foam filling from old mattresses, for example as insulation material. Ultimately, this is the main aim of a unique pilot project that began at Recticel in Wetteren in March 2018. The ground-breaking recycling technology has been developed in recent years as part of a cross-sector innovation project […]

REIN4CED produces ultra-light and unbreakable bicycle frames

In 2019, the Leuven-based start-up REIN4CED opened a production facility for the automated manufacture of bicycle frames. REIN4CED uses a revolutionary material that is unbreakable, unlike current bicycle frames made of carbon. The company is supported by the essenscia Innovation Fund. REIN4CED, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of KU Leuven, has developed a revolutionary […]

Young Talent Lab: young people in dialogue with CEOs on climate and sustainability

More than a hundred young people, from secondary and higher education as well as young employees from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, gathered at the very first Young Talent Lab of essenscia vlaanderen at Technopolis in Mechelen. They entered into a dialogue with each other and with CEOs and managers from sector companies on themes […]

Gamification brings Mendeleev’s periodic table to life at Technopolis and PASS

The United Nations declared 2019 the International Year of Mendeleev’s periodic table because this symbol of chemistry celebrates its 150th anniversary. That is why essenscia, together with the sectoral training fund Co-valent, has launched two unique attractions at Technopolis in Mechelen and at PASS in Frameries. These activities use gamification as an educational element to […]

essenscia joins the Circular Plastics Alliance for more and improved recycling

Promoting the importance of plastics in the circular economy to achieve the European objective of using at least 10 million tons of recycled plastics in the production of new products by 2025. That is the aim of the Circular Plastics Alliance, a voluntary initiative that unites public and private actors from the plastics sector. The […]

BlueChem, the first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Belgium

Helping promising start-ups and rapidly growing companies to develop sustainable innovations for the chemistry of the future, on an industrial scale. This is the objective of BlueChem, the first incubator in Belgium dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable chemistry and the circular economy, such as the effective use of waste and by-products, process optimisation […]